The Imperatives of Funding Research

It truly beats my imagination how we don’t invest in research but expect development. Can anyone tell me a country in the world that developed from foreign sympathy? Governments the world over heavily fund research and don’t stop there. They make sure that the results of those research projects are well adopted and embedded in the overall developmental program of the country.
I hear people say Nigerian professors are sitting ducks, but, do those people really know how researches are done? To do a proper research, one needs lots of funding which can only come from government or very big companies. The former is the most fund provider for most of the research projects the world over.
Building roads, schools, hospitals etc is not development, but simple provision of basic social enablers that promote ease of leaving.

Development is when heavy investment is made in research, the result of which is, a whole new set of patented technology and ideas which will open the economy. This brings foreign investment and promotes exports. And in the process, wealth, large number of jobs are created.
We run to other countries to seek for health care, education and other services why? Because they heavily invest in research processes over years which paid off. We spend so much on expensive things from other countries; question is, do those things fall from the sky? No, years of research brought them to being.

Until the government invest heavily on funding research we will for years to come remain a consumer nation with big dreams that will never happen.

Dr Ibrahim Bello Dauda

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